Cushion Foundations Are The Latest Beauty Trend For A Smooth Complexion

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While pillow eyeliner has already done a dash as a rising Korean makeup trend, a latest beauty creation also draws a impulse from Korea. Known as pillow foundation, a newest makeup trend involves sponges that are pulpy into a lightweight foundation. These sponges are placed inside little compacts, and are pronounced to inspire a beautiful complexion.

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Photo: stylekorean_global on Instagram 

For beauty addicts who are sleepy of normal powder foundations or complicated tawny formulas, pillow foundations only might assistance to ideal your visage. On Instagram, Asian beauty lovers are showcasing their adore of pillow foundation, with flawless faces and well-spoken skin proudly on display.

Whether we wish light, medium, or complicated coverage, we can do it all with a pillow foundation! Turn a volume ☝️ to hear how! Then, go to a Mixed Makeup YouTube channel to learn even some-more tips on pillow foundations. #mixedmakeup #cushionfoundation #makeup #foundation

A video posted by Mixed Makeup (@mixedmakeup) on Jul 14, 2016 during 7:12pm PDT

Although a pillow regulation can be ideal for minimal, natural-looking coverage, it can also offer a buildable effect. The consume can be pulpy mixed times to use some-more of a product, while a singular pull will lead to a barely-there look.

With many pillow formulas being sole in available pocket-friendly sizes, this new substructure creation is also suitable for travel. If you’re a jet-setting beauty addict, pillow substructure can accompany we on your innumerable adventures. The product can also concede for a discerning beauty touch-up during a chaotic workday packaged with meetings and events.

While it will certainly take time for pillow foundations to turn a new makeup bag must-have, they are fast creation a splash. As we restock your beauty buys for a deteriorate ahead, a newest spin on a substructure compress might be a product to consider.