Cereal Hair Rules Instagram As A Bizarre New Trend

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Photo: allydestouttt on Instagram 

While many of us started off a childhood weekends with a play of artificially phony cereal, we never could have illusory that a Froot Loops of a past would be a beauty impulse of today! However, it seems that anything is probable in a age of pastel hair. Suiting a hair’s musty and colourful hairstyles, aptly patrician “cereal hair” has now arrived on a scene. Much like a sweetened and terribly tantalizing breakfasts of a past, cereal hair is prismatic and eye-catching.

Photo: nataliesrosie on Instagram 

According to PopSugar, a beauty trend was popularized this summer by Vancouver hairstylist Amanda Glikes. With an distillate of splendid yellow, violet, red and immature strands, a final product now brings a play of kids’ cereal to mind. While this sold instance of a trend featured delicately blended locks, other examples engage counsel neon streaks, confidant splashes of colour and even dip-dyed ends.

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From gold blondes to brunettes, a trend has been blending for many opposite heads of hair. Some ladies are substantially sporting waist-length thatch decorated in cereal hues, while other styles are brief and choppy. However, any hairdo has one thing in common- a blast of neon splendid strands, that give a crazy trend the really suitable name!

Photo: amandavshair on Instagram