Banana Buns Are The Newest Fuss-Free Hairstyle Trend

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Photo: shearcraft on Instagram 

Although bananas might be best famous as a abounding source of potassium, it looks like this healthful fruit is also moving a new hairstyle. In fact, a banana bun is set to be an rising hair trend for Spring 2017, and has been creation waves on Instagram. Staying loyal to a name, a bun consists of hair that has been haphazardly wrapped into a disorderly low bun. The free braid takes a trend of a chignon to a new laidback level, with lax wisps of hair and copiousness of texture.

Photo: fashionhr on Instagram 

For anyone who has been wondering how to stone a look, try holding your impulse from amicable media. From rainbow-haired lasses to brunettes, only about everybody can brush their thatch into a fuss-free banana bun. If you’re staying in on a weekend or looking for a infrequent weekday hairstyle, a banana bun might be a flawless hairdo. Whether we cite a sleeker banana bun or a loosely curled one with wavy tendrils, there are countless ways to stone a look.

Photo: hunteratseven on Instagram 

While beach waves and schoolgirl plaits are also slated to make a feat path this season, it only might be this lady subsequent doorway braid that captures a attention. For a elementary nonetheless worldly approach to turn adult your tresses, try a banana bun as your new go-to braid for a months ahead.